WPG Glass Repair is proud to announce a new website upgrade

West Palm Beach Sliding Glass Door RepairWPG Glass Repair, the leader in West Palm Beach glass repair, is proud to announce a significant upgrade to the company website in terms of information on glass repair and replacement services just in time for the busy Fall, 2016, upgrade season. Many consumers and businesses postpone glass repairs during the summer, and then go “all out” during September, October, and November. On the newly upgraded website, sliding glass door repair and window replacement information can be viewed in a modern, simple-to-navigate design. Homeowners and business owners in West Palm Beach can easily access glass repair tips and information.

“We’ve noticed a new movement that involves getting rid of clutter to make more room for the important things, especially in the Fall months of September, October, and November,” commented Yaniet Santos, general manager of WPG Glass Repair. “Sliding glass door repair and replacement is important to us, so we decided to modernize our website to reflect that. We hope it helps our West Palm Beach residents find what they need a lot easier.”

To review the new, more modern WPG Glass Repair web page go to https://westpalmbeachglassrepair.com/. The new design simplifies navigation for sliding glass door repair in West Palm Beach. A new sliding glass door repair page has also been added, for example, at  https://westpalmbeachglassrepair.com/sliding-glass-door-repair/.  . Information for emergency glass repair and replacement can be reviewed for both the commercial and residential community of West Palm Beach.

Sliding Glass Door Repair for Modern Times in West Palm Beach

Cleaning out the clutter from one’s life has become a growing trend. Purging over-packed rooms and busy schedules is meant to help lead a more purposeful life. Without the distractions of “stuff,” people can focus on a few, important interests. In West Palm Beach, Florida, a clean space may mean enjoying more of Florida’s beachside activities instead of staying indoors dusting off knick knacks or watching the upcoming political debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It could also mean focusing on a preparedness plan for home emergencies such as sliding glass door repair.

West Palm Beach Glass Repair has recently modernized the company website to support easy navigation for the Florida community. Categories are simply noted as sliding glass door repair, commercial glass repair and residential glass repair. If a resident is looking to upgrade windows for a cleaner, more modern style, the details are easy to find. A new page specific to sliding glass door repair has also been added for better convenience. The “doing more with less” movement can provide a simple path to completing what is most important to people. West Palm Beach residents can now enjoy a simple, focused approach to sliding glass door repair.

About WPG Glass Repair

WPG Glass Repair is a family owned and operated glass repair business servicing West Palm Beach, Florida, with more than 20 years of experience. Their professional technicians and the large variety of inventory make the service one of the best-rated in West Palm Beach and environs. The company specializes in sliding glass door repair and window glass repair; technicians will handle any glass replacement situation efficiently. Home or business glass repair is the company’s main priority. Cities served include not only West Palm Beach but also Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Greenacres.

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