West Palm Beach Residential Glass Repair

West Palm Beach Glass Repair Post-Irma: Homes & Businesses

Note: this blog was written before Hurricane Irma hit Florida.

With Texas still mopping up after the effects of Hurricane Harvey and – at the time of writing – Irma heading in our general direction it is no wonder that everyone is on edge. In the West Palm Beach glass repair business we are on triple edge as broken glass is always a problem and we don’t have the manpower to do what we always do when we receive an emergency call. Under normal circumstances our trucks are on the road in West Palm Beach day and night which means that when we receive an emergency call we can usually get to you within 30 minutes or less.

However, hurricanes – while they are a fairly common occurrence – are not usually of the magnitude of Irma, and let’s remember that Jose is not far behind. What this means is that if we are going to receive a direct hit our trucks won’t even be on the road until the hurricane has passed. Obviously, we cannot risk the safety of our technicians. We will still be taking emergency calls, but we cannot promise to deal with them until it is safe to be out and about again.

Inundated With Calls for West Palm Beach Glass Repair

Of course, the other thing is that hurricane damage can happen anywhere to anyone and when this sort of thing occurs we get inundated with calls, so our usual 30 minutes arrival time simply isn’t going to happen. Trust us, we WILL get to you, but we have to deal with all the emergency calls for West Palm Beach glass repair in the order in which they came in. Obviously, we have no way of knowing what the extent of any damage will be so we cannot put a time on it, but we will get to you as fast as we possibly can.

One good thing about calling us for West Palm Beach glass repair is that we carry very large stocks of many different types of glass – far larger than those of some of our competitors – so we usually have what is needed in stock rather than having to order it in. This means that if you call us you will very likely have your damaged windows or sliding glass doors repaired much faster than you would with anyone else.

Naturally, along with everyone else, we are praying that we do not get hit, but looking at the latest reports from the National Hurricane Center it doesn’t look very promising. As we said above, there is also the threat of Hurricane Jose following on behind Irma. At the moment, all that we can do – along with everyone else – is to keep our fingers crossed.