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Nearly every business in West Palm Beach has some type of a storefront. It might be a full glass entryway, or it might just be a sliding glass door with a huge panel of glass windows (common in restaurants). It depends.

But take a look around your business (or most businesses in West Palm Beach), and you’ll notice just how much glass is in use. Glass windows, glass doors (especially sliding glass doors), and other storefront glass doors. Whether it’s a window, or a door, or an complete glass entryway, we can help.

Businesses in West Palm Beach depend on us as the #1 entryway / storefront glass repair service. We can repair or replace nearly any type of commercial glass storefront.

Storefront Glass Repair West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Commercial Glass Repair. Call us. We’ll come out in a jiffy, and give you an estimate on your business glass repair needs.
  • Storefront Glass Repair. Not many glass companies can handle the sizes and shapes of business storefronts. But we can.
  • Repair or Replace: You Decide. Businesses have a lot of glass windows, in all types of shapes and sizes. We fix them all. We stock them all. We know them all. If it’s a business window or entryway glass door, we can fix it.
  • Commercial Doors Including Sliding Glass Doors for Commercial Businesses. Businesses have glass doors of all types – not just sliding glass doors, but all types of doors with glass. We can fix them all.
  • Emergency Glass Repairs. Businesses don’t sleep, and you can’t afford the liability of a broken glass door or window. If you are facing a damaged entryway perhaps because of an employee accident or vandalism, call us for an immediate glass repair. We can even “board up” that which we can’t fix.

Business Entryway and Storefront Glass Repair Services

Broken glass? Busted door? Broken entryway? No problem! Contact the commercial glass repair specialist at 561-336-6479 for more information relating to any of our products or services. Mention you are a West Palm Beach business for special discounts and offers!

West Palm Beach

Our Storefront Glass Repair Services Include the following:

  • Storefront Door Glass Replacement – if your storefront glass is broken or vandalized, we can help. We can repair, replace, or board it up.
  • High Impact Glass Replacement – high impact glass has special requirements, which we know as the glass experts.
  • High Impact Glass Installation – we can install high impact glass if you like, anywhere in West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County.
  • Storefront Glass Window Replacement – if your storefront just needs an upgrade, call us and we can discuss a complete replacement option.
  • Same Day Glass Replacement – we are one of the very few 24/7 emergency glass repair services in the county.
  • Half An Hour Response Time – yes, we are not kidding: 30 minutes.
  • 10% Off Any Glass Repair – just mention you saw this on the Internet and presto: 10% discount.
  • 24 Hour Board Up Services – 24/7 emergency, round the clock whatever you call it, we are like New Yorkers in South Florida: we never sleep, and we are ready to deal with any glass emergency.

Fun Florida Factoid on West Palm Beach

From 1929 to 1930, the Depression dropped West Palm Beach’s total property value by more than half. By 1935 property value was down to a little more than its pre-boom 1920 value. West Palm Beach would come back, but it took a world war to do it. Strengthened by military dollars during World War II and an influx of veterans moving south after 1945, West Palm Beach exploded into a new era of progress. The city’s total property value rose from a rock-bottom $18 million in 1935 to $72 million in 1949 and continued to surge year by year until it was $147.5 million by 1962 – an 800% increase in less than 30 years. The West Palm Beach metropolitan area was the fourth fastest growing area in the United States between 1950 and 1960. Development spread west past Military Trail and south to Lake Clarke Shores. Source:

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