We at WPGR are experts in sliding glass door repair. West Palm Beach residents come to us when:

Sliding Glass Door Repair in West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Glass Door Repairs. Whether it’s a neighbor’s kid, vandalism, or just one of those accidents, businesses and residential customers come to us for quick, 24/7 emergency service for their glass doors.
  • Specialty Glass Doors – both Sliding and Non-Sliding. Glass in many Florida communities has special requirements; we know the requirements and can replace specialty glass doors.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service. When a glass door breaks, it is generally an emergency – we get your business or home back up and running ASAP. That’s why West Palm Beachers call us first for sliding glass door issues.

Call us at 561-336-6479 or email for a free phone estimate NOW!

Sliding glass door repair is one of our most common, specialty areas, so don’t hesitate. There is no reason why you should endure a broken glass door.

Sliding Glass Door Repair West Palm Beach

Glass Types Carried for All Major Door Manufacturers

We carry all types of glass for sliding glass door repair, including –

  • Tempered glass
  • Insulated glass units
  • Laminated Glass
  • High Impact Glass
  • Wired Glass
  • Plate Glass
  • Glass inserts 

The large variety of inventory allows the sliding glass door replacement to be done on the spot and your home will look like nothing ever happened. Wherever you live in Palm Beach County, from Loxahatchee to Juno Beach to Westgate and everywhere in between, we can help! No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Other Glass Products and Warranty Issues for Doors

We have sliding glass door repair and replacement products for standard sliding glass doors, special size doors, French doors, interior and patio doors and even aluminum frame glass door repair.  We offer high impact glass and insulated glass, with a special warranty. If your sliding glass doors require high impact glass replacement or the insulated glass unit (double pane glass) becomes foggy or brakes, our glass replacement specialist have a deal for you. High impact glass delaminates rather quickly. This is why we offer a 5-year warranty on the quality of impact glass. Insulated glass units also can become foggy over time. We also offer our Florida customers a 10-year warranty on insulated units.

Fun Florida Factoid: West Palm Beach

Here are some crazy fun facts about Florida (great for kids)! There are 67 counties in Florida, Palm Beach is the largest county it consists of 2034 square miles. The largest city is Jacksonville in county Duval, the second largest is Miami. The state flower of Florida is the Orange Blossom (who knew?). The Capital city is Tallahassee.

Situated in Leon County, Tallahassee is a bird watchers paradise! There are 497 verified species of bird that live in or visit Florida each year, 372 of those can be found in the Tallahassee! The Florida state flag consists of a white background, a red diagonal cross and the seal of Florida in the center. Florida has 1,800 mile of coastline. The American state of Florida is the leading producer of oranges in the US and the second producer in the world behind Brazil. Covering 1,900 square meters Okeechobee is the largest freshwater lake in this American State.

Florida has more golf courses than any other US state. Source: http://www.fun-facts.org.uk/america/florida.htm

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