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Commercial or Business GlassIn the 21st century it is now a fact of life that employers have to abide by layer upon layer of laws, rules, and regulations. There are federal laws, state laws, West Palm Beach city laws – it’s almost necessary to be a qualified lawyer before you dare to hire someone.

For instance, take the issue of workers compensation. On the website of Florida’s Chief Financial Officer / Division of Workers Compensation it states: “The list of trades that are considered to be in the construction industry is found in 69L-6.021 Florida Administrative Code.” Yeah, right.

When you go to take a look at 69L-6.021 Florida Administrative Code you are then led to a list of trades running to over 1,000 words and including landscape gardening and drivers, hothouse erection, paperhanging and drivers, cleaner – debris removal, carpentry – dwellings – three stories or less – the list just goes on and on and on. That’s just ONE thing that an employer has to be aware of.

Not Just Laws And Statutes – Many Things Impact a West Palm Beach Business

It’s not just the laws and statutes, it’s all of the other headaches of running a business. Hiring, firing, advertising, banking, accounting, stock control, taxes, transport, holiday pay, maternity leave, paternity leave – it’s enough to make you want to just go away and sit on a desert island.

Then there are things like accidents that leave you needing commercial glass repair West Palm Beach. Now there’s one headache we CAN help you with. Commercial glass repair West Palm Beach is exactly what we do!

It May Never Happen: You May Never Need Commercial or Business Glass on an Emergency Basis

It may never happen to you, but if you own a store or any business with a street frontage, there is always the danger of drunks throwing things through your windows late at night, a truck going too fast and coming off the road into your storefront, or just plain good old breaking and entering. Whatever caused the problem is not of immediate concern – you can talk to your insurance company tomorrow. What is urgent now is that it’s 4.00 am and you need to get your building secure.

Luckily for you, West Palm Beach Glass Repair is open 24/7/365 and our trucks are always on the road. Our phones are manned day and night by real people – not a computer telling you that “you can say things like……” (As an aside, those things INFURIATE us).

So if you should ever need commercial glass repair West Palm Beach, here’s what to do. Bookmark our number. Better still, put it in the directory of your mobile. Then if the worst should ever happen, you won’t have to go searching on Google at 4.00 am, just press a button.

There, now that’s one less headache to worry about.

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