Palm Beach Gardens Glass Repair

Post-Hurricane Glass Repair for Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

NOTE: This blog was written before Hurricane Irma made landfall.

With the dreadful Hurricane Harvey now a memory, and the terrible Hurricane Irma an imminent threat as we write, it occurred to us that in one sense it would be nice if homes and businesses didn’t have glass windows or doors. Or if they did, that the glass would never shatter or break under any circumstances.

However, the fact is that the sun WILL shine again, regardless of which way Irma decides to go, and we can certainly remind our friends in Texas of this as we pray for a speedy recovery for them.

Not only will the sun shine again, but the need for Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, glass window repair will also continue on an ongoing basis as it will in the communities of West Palm Beach and the environs. While today we have impact-resistant glass, also known as hurricane glass, which can withstand considerably more punishment than ordinary glass windows, nothing is completely unbreakable. Furthermore, there will always be employee accidents, burglaries, or just the local kids getting out of order as they play baseball, so life will continue.

Always On Call: Glass Repair in South Florida

What’s more here at WPB Glass Repair, we will always be on call for Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, glass window repair as we are for the rest of the towns and cities in the area. In the immediate aftermath of a hurricane strike we can’t keep to our usual arrival time of within 30 minutes of an emergency call because there is just too much to do, but you can rest assured that it will be our aim to get back to that as fast as possible. We firmly believe that any damaged windows or glass doors constitute an emergency as they compromise the security of the whole building, and we have always striven to repair them as fast as we can so that our customers are safe once more, and we will continue to do that.

The #1 Choice for Glass Repair

It is this type of service that makes us the #1choice for Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, glass window repair, and for sliding glass door repair also. That, combined with the vast stocks of glass of all different types, together with door and window hardware, that we always carry at our depots is what allows us to provide a service that cannot be beaten for speed, quality, or price. To the best of our knowledge we have greater stocks than any other glass company locally which means that while they may have to order a piece of glass in – which can take a week or ten days – we will have carried out the repair and been long gone.

When you have a broken glass window we believe that is what our customers want: rapid service from polite, friendly technicians who simply get on with the job and get your life back to normal, so that is what we provide.