Glass Repair Greenacres, Florida.

Greenacres Glass Repair (In Real Life, Not the Sitcom)

Ask any American of a certain age – say over 50 – and they can hum the signature tune of Green Acres, the sitcom starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as a couple who move from New York to a ramshackle country farm. It was created and written by Jay Sommers and ran from September 15th 1965 to April 27th 1971. It also starred Arnold the pig, who belonged to the couple’s neighbors and whom they treated as a son.

Greenacres, Florida, is not the same as the place in the sitcom. That was based on Sommers’ 1950’s radio show Granby’s Green Acres which ran for 13 episodes.

So our Greenacres has no claim to fame as regards the comedy show, but it has a claim to fame in its own right as a small city rapidly expanding in popularity. At the outbreak of World War II the population was just 304. Fifty years later in 1990 that had jumped to 18,683, while today in 2017 it is over 40,000.

It also most certainly has plenty of green acres with 11 parks totalling over 93 acres and Okeeheelee Park next door which has 1,700 acres. The National Arbor Day Foundation named Greenacres a Tree City USA in 1992 following the city’s commitment to planting and maintaining trees in public spaces.

Local Family-Run Glass Repair Company in Greenacres, Florida

As a local family-run business we are proud to serve residents and businessmen when they need any form of glass repair, Greenacres, Florida, to the windows and doors of their homes, stores, or offices. Among other things we specialize in the repair of sliding glass doors of all types and sizes ranging from the single sliding glass door out on to your patio to the full height sliding glass doors that form the whole side of a room, up to the very big sliding glass doors in some offices and public buildings.

We don’t just offer glass repair, Greenacres, Florida. We also supply and fit completely new replacement sliding glass doors which incorporate the very latest energy-saving components. It is probably true to say that if your sliding glass door is more than 20 years old you will be amazed at just how much a new sliding glass door can save on your electricity bills. And it’s not just sliding glass doors. We can also install new windows – double or triple glazed – to the whole of your home, which will also reduce your bills considerably.

So whether you just require glass repair, Greenacres, Florida, or are considering a complete – or even partial – new installation, call West Palm Beach Glass Repair for the fastest service and best prices.