Sliding Glass Door Repair West Palm Beach.

A Foggy Sliding Glass Door in West Palm Beach Must be Repaired

So you have purchased this expensive West Palm Beach condo and you have a view of the beach! Or at least you would have had a view of the beach if it were not for the fact that the sliding glass door is all fogged up. Or perhaps it’s not fogged up but it won’t open. Worse still, it opens OK, but it won’t close: now that is really nasty when there is a storm brewing up out in the Atlantic. Whatever the problem, you now need sliding glass door repair West Palm Beach.

Never fear! West Palm Beach Glass Repair is here to ride to the rescue! We can undertake repairs to every type of sliding glass door from a single pane door leading on to the patio to those great big sliding doors that stretch from floor to ceiling and cover the whole of the width of the wall.

Wear And Tear on Your Sliding Glass Door

It’s a fact of life that sliding glass doors do suffer from wear and tear. The problem is often that the damage only occurs very slowly over a long period so we don’t notice it until the door finally gives up and jams and sticks. All sorts of dirt and debris can get into the runners and rollers. Leaves in the fall, bird feathers, mud tramped in from the yard when it’s wet, long hairs from your standard poodle bitch – all manner of things can clog up the rollers. We even found a screwed up $50 bill in a set of rollers a little while back.

In most instances, when you need sliding glass door repair West Palm Beach we will be able to fix it for you. We are familiar with all the major makes of sliding glass doors and we carry a huge inventory of spares at our West Palm Beach depot. We also provide a genuine 24 hour 365 day emergency service with our trucks never very far away from you in West Palm Beach. That is comforting to know when you are stuck outside and the door won’t slide open, or it is stuck open and won’t close. We can usually get to you in 30 minutes or less.

Of course, if your sliding glass door is on its’ last legs (or in this case last rollers) we can supply and fit one of the very latest 2017 sliding glass doors as a replacement. You won’t believe just how easily they run, nor how energy efficient they are. A new sliding glass door can make a large dent in your utility bills.

So for sliding glass door repair West Palm Beach, or sliding glass door replacement, call your friendly local glass repair company. That would be us.