Exciting New Glass Repair Options for West Palm Beach Residents and Businesses

Glass Repair OptionsWhen you think about glass – as in windows – most people believe that it is just something which keeps the weather out and enables you to see what’s going on outside your home or office.

To some extent that’s true, of course, but you would be surprized at the developments that have been made in window glass in the last few years.

For instance, do your windows suffer from external condensation in the autumn or winter? Not only does it look unappealing, it also affects your vision. Glass which has good thermal insulation does not let heat escape from your home, so the outer pane stays relatively cold. This allows water droplets from humid air to condense on the glass.

Special Coating: Glass Replacement Options

However, for glass replacement West Palm Beach you can now get glass with a special coating which under test conditions dried in an hour or less compared with self-cleaning glass which takes 7 hours and ordinary float glass which takes 8. The coating does not affect the thermal insulation properties of the window and requires no special maintenance.

There is also a new type of glass for conservatories and orangeries glass replacement West Palm Beach. A special coating provides a high level of thermal insulation and blocks as much as 57% of the heat from the sun which minimizes overheating.

Blue Glass Options

In addition, there is a new glass with a blue coating for conservatory roofs. It helps to reduce overheating on hot days, and maintain warmth on cool days. It is self-cleaning and reduces glare. On top of that, it makes the sky look blue on cloudy days!

Thermal insulation has been improved considerably even without special coatings. If you have older windows there is no doubt that they are letting heat in and making your air-con work harder than it needs to. You can opt for glass replacement West Palm Beach and you will find that your electricity bills will fall considerably – enough to pay for the replacement in a relatively short period of time.

Sliding glass doors have also improved as regards thermal insulation, so if your old one is beginning to look past its’ sell-by date it’s a good idea to replace that as well.


Glass Repair or Replacement: You Have Options

The Times They Are A-Changing, and glass is a-changing too. Some of the changes may not seem as exciting as a lottery win or falling in love, but they will most certainly make a difference to your life when you start a-changing your windows and doors.

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