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Have you ever noticed unsightly broken windows, or cracked, pitted glass doors? Obtaining fast, capable residential glass repair services matters a lot in South Florida. Many elegant homes in this region display stylish glass features, such as picture windows and convenient transparent sliding backyard, balcony or patio doors.

Fortunately, West Palm Beach Glass Repair offers quick, dependable emergency glass repair services. We respond rapidly to requests for our assistance on a 24/7 basis. Call us to obtain skilled residential and commercial glass repair and glass replacement assistance.

Meet West Palm Beach Glass Repair

We want to become your preferred glass repair resource. As a local family-owned company, we possess familiarity with this area. West Palm Beach Glass Repair serves customers across this region by repairing damaged or broken glass windows and doors quickly and accurately.

Our well-trained mobile technicians carry tools and basic supplies with them so we can offer ultra-fast glass repair services. Whenever you seek 24 hour glass repair or glass replacement, we hope you’ll think of us. Just consider a few of the reasons why residents in this area choose West Palm Beach Glass Repair:

  • We maintain around-the-clock availability;
  • Our company uses the skills of fully trained, experienced glass repair technicians;
  • We offer a complete range of services;
  • Correctly repaired glass windows and doors can furnish significant potential cost savings;
  • West Palm Beach Glass Repair assists customers across the Greater Miami Area;
  • We use specialized tools and supplies;
  • Our company emphasizes excellent customer service as a priority.

Become Life Long Customers

We hope you’ll call upon West Palm Beach Glass Repair whenever you seek qualified glass repair or replacement assistance in Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Greenacres, Palm Beach Gardens or outlying areas of South Florida. Although residents of this region enjoy beautiful Atlantic Ocean vistas and world-class beaches, we frequently also sustain tropical storm fronts causing property damage. Our company appreciates the importance of maintaining 24 hour glass repair services to help our customers keep their residential glass windows and doors in great condition throughout the year.

Once you use our convenient local service, you’ll never again hesitate if someone asks you “where can I obtain 24 hour glass repair near me?” We hope you’ll respond to this question by recommending West Palm Beach Glass Repair enthusiastically! (All service businesses rely heavily upon favorable word-of-mouth advertising, of course, and West Palm Beach Glass Repair values the feedback we receive from our customers.)

Why Does Fast Glass Repair Matter?

The ability to obtain quick emergency glass repair services may help property owners avoid expensive long term problems caused by cracked or broken windows. Both home owners and people seeking commercial glass repair should take precautions to secure broken windows until professional assistance arrives. West Palm Beach Glass Repair offers rapid 24 hour glass repair and glass replacement services because we appreciate the importance of fast response times when a glass window or door sustains damage.

For example, just consider some of the most common concerns raised by glass damage in residential settings:

  • Broken and cracked glass doors and windows frustrate the ability of residents to enjoy clear, unimpeded outdoor views;
  • Broken glass can cause serious accidental injuries, especially to young children and pets who may not appreciate the hazards it poses;
  • Cracked glass sometimes shatters or falls out of a frame unexpectedly, threatening home security;
  • Broken windows and sliding glass doors could cause a residence to appear poorly maintained or abandoned;
  • If left uncorrected, broken windows and sliding doors may allow rain to seep inside the premises;
  • Broken glass sometimes causes unnecessarily high monthly air conditioning costs;
  • Cracked and dinged windows reduce property “curb appeal” and potentially lower re-sale prices;
  • If left uncovered, broken windows offer a way for mosquitoes to access the interior of a home.

Skilled Glass Repair

Both windows and sliding glass doors contribute immensely to the beauty of many fine homes in this part of Florida. These features allow residents to view the outdoors easily without having to leave the comfort of air conditioned premises. Our skilled repair services can help you maintain refreshingly cool, stylish, secure residential property.

West Palm Beach Glass Repair offers surprisingly cost-effective assistance, too. Repairing small cracks and dings typically costs less than fixing major defects. Our mobile technicians supply free estimates, plus available board up services.

Some Tips For Caring For Broken Glass Windows

Customers sometimes ask us how they should care for a broken glass window until one of our mobile service units arrives? These guidelines may offer some assistance.

1. If your home lies within an area recovering from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, make certain the authorities have declared conditions safe for you to return and re-occupy the premises. Downed power lines and extensive debris in some locations may cause safety hazards. If you expect your home insurance to pay for repairing damage to a broken window, you’ll want to call your home insurance agent before undertaking repair efforts. Similarly, if the window became damaged during vandalism or a break-in attempt, it remains important to contact the police before disturbing evidence.

2. Make sure you dress appropriately before undertaking temporary window securing measures. You’ll want to wear padded puncture-resistant gloves to protect your hands and long pants or jeans and thick-soled heavy shoes or boots to safeguard your feet. Safety goggles provide eye protection. Remember, broken window glass can potentially cause serious injuries.

3. Carefully inspect your property to determine the full extent of any damage. For instance, you may discover some windows did not break but did sustain barely visible cracks or “bullseye” nicks or pockmarks. If allowed to remain unfixed, over time these surface abrasions tend to expand in scope, i.e. small cracks will expand gradually into longer ones.

4. Locate, sweep up and remove any broken glass lying on the floor or the ground around the window.

5. Carefully removed any loose shards of broken glass still clinging to the frame of a broken window. Start at the top of the window and work downwards. Exercise caution, since broken loose glass may potentially drop out of a window frame suddenly and cause slicing injuries. If you find yourself working on a large picture window, never stand inside the window while removing the glass. Use a step ladder and keep your body out of the range of any falling pieces. If the broken glass won’t budge from the frame, don’t try and force it out using your hands alone.

6. Take steps to secure the empty window opening after removing broken glass. An unsecured window without glass poses a hazard for small children and pets, who may fall through the opening and sustain injury. Use a staple gun or nail gun to board up the potential hazard.

7. If a window appears cracked but not broken, use great caution in checking the glass. You need to ensure the glass remains solidly inside the frame. Wobbling or moving glass could potentially fall out and injure someone. Especially in the case of large cracked windows, it may prove helpful to apply masking tape across the window temporarily to better secure cracked but immobile shards within the frame until you obtain replacement assistance. Tape over the window horizontally, vertically and cross-wise from both sides (if possible) using masking tape. If you anticipate a delay in obtaining repairs, use particle board or plywood and a nail gun instead to secure the area.

8. If in doubt about your ability to secure broken or badly cracked windows correctly while awaiting repairs, contact your local police department or municipal office for further guidance. Falling glass from windows can pose a public safety hazard.

9. Call your local glass repair and replacement experts as soon as possible. West Palm Beach Glass Repair fixes broken, cracked, pitted windows and glass doors correctly. Keep our phone number and email address available. You’ll never again find yourself wondering:”Where can I obtain skilled 24 hour glass repair near me in South Florida?”

Contact Us For Residential Glass Repair

Maintaining your home’s glass in good condition matters from both an aesthetic and a security standpoint. Whenever glass-related emergencies arise, entrust your residential glass repair project to West Palm Beach Glass Repair. Our mobile technicians serve the entire South Florida region, including West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and outlying communities. We also offer commercial glass repair and glass replacement.

Our firm furnishes the expert 24 hour glass repair expertise your real estate requires following unwelcome damage to windows and sliding glass doors. We’ll travel to your home or business and perform repairs quickly using specialized glass repair tools.

Call West Palm Beach Glass Repair now at 561-336-6479 to schedule rapid glass repair service.

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