Let’s face it: emergencies happen in West Palm Beach, Florida, as they do in any other town. Although we are an upscale community, we have our fair share of break-ins and burglaries, not to mention vandalism incidents. And then there are those infamous Florida hurricanes. Never a boring moment in South Florida!

Our glass repair service technicians can help you with everything that constitutes an emergency. Maybe it’s a broken sliding glass door, maybe it’s a home burglary incident. Maybe you are a West Palm Beach restaurant or business, and you’ve been struck with vandalism or an employee accident. It doesn’t matter. Our glass repair trucks and glass repair technicians are standing by in Palm Beach county.

Whether you are a home owner in Golden Lakes, whether you’re a restaurant near the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater, or a business near the Lion Country Safari, we can help you on a 24 hour, emergency basis.

Emergency Glass Repair in West Palm Beach

Glass doesn’t chose a convenient time to break: we understand that.

Need reliable installers ? Our Glass Repair company has expert glass window installers  who can help with the following services: Glass Replacement, Glass Repair, Sliding glass door repair, glass window repair.

Board Up Services: Before or After an Emergency

Every year hurricanes threaten the West Palm Beach region. Let this year be allotted less high pressure for you and the family. We can work with all of your glass door board up needs if a thunderstorm happens to come your way. Our glass board up expert services can make certain that you never have to worry about anything other than getting you and also your family to safety.

Emergency Glass Repair Services

Emergency and 24/7 Glass Repair for West Palm Beach, Florida

There are reasons besides hurricanes when you’ll need an emergency, 24/7 glass repair service. These include:

  • Vandalism. Many stores will be subject to vandalism at some point. Don’t let the vandals win! Call us so that your business is up and running, immediately. Similarly, for home owners – show the vandals that you care about, and protect, your property.
  • Accidents. Accidents happen. Homeowners are especially vulnerable to the proverbial lawn mower hitting a rock, and breaking a sliding glass door. Those South Florida yards grow fast in West Palm, and the rocks easily become hidden.
  • Door Breakage. Sometimes it’s not the glass, it’s the rollers. If your rollers become stuck, then it can become an emergency.

Not every glass company specializes in 24/7 emergency glass repair.  But we do.  So call or email us now for your emergency glass repair needs in West Palm Beach or other communities in Palm Beach county.

From The Gardens Mall in the North, to Lake Park, all along the I-95 corridor, and into the Cypress Lakes area – wherever you are, we’re there. In an emergency. On Saturday. On Sunday. On Monday night at 2:00 am. You get the picture: if it’s glass we fix it, and if it’s an emergency, we’re on it.

Fun Florida Factoid

Oh Florida politics. We’re the state of the ‘hanging chad,’ after all (not our best moment). Here are some facts. Our governor as of March, 2016? Well, Rick Scott, of course. Our state capital is in Tallahassee, a city of the Old South with all the charm that that implies. So incredibly different from our beloved Miami and West Palm Beach. Diversity? Oh yeah, that’s Florida.

We have sixty-seven counties in Florida, 120 house districts, 40 senate districts, and 23 congressional districts. 40% of all US exports to Latin America pass through Florida. We have 87.3 million tourists in 2011, and we’re home to the Space Industry. We rank pretty low on taxes – only four states have a lower tax burden. There are 58560 square miles in this great state. Juan Ponce de Leon discovers Florida in 1513 when he lands in NE Florida, possibly near present-day St. Augustine, to claim Florida for Spain.

This is when written records about life in Florida began. First permanent European settlement is established in 1565 in St. Augustine by Spain. Florida becomes a U.S. Territory in 1821. General Andrew Jackson serves as military governor until Congress ratifies a territorial constitution. William P. Duval, Florida’s first civil governor, calls the first Legislative Council into session in Pensacola on June 19, 1823. Admitted to U.S. as a State on March 3, 1845 (27th State)

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