West Palm Beach businesses can’t afford to shut down. But things happen. Whether it’s an employee accident or a customer problem, a vandalism or some other type of event, you can have a breakage of your glass window or door. Perhaps it will be your storefront entryway. Who knows?

As a business, however, you can’t shut down while you wait for the requisite parts to fix your glass window or door. That’s when you call us. Either we’ll have the glass window or door in stock, or we’ll have to call it into our supply company. We’re likely to have it “in stock,” but if we don’t, that’s when we go to board up.

Board Up Services in West Palm Beach

Board up – literally – refers to boarding up the glass window or sliding glass door with wood or other materials, until such time as we get the part in. That’s the most common situation with board up: boarding up your business (or home) until we can get the part in.

We also, however, can be used before a hurricane strikes as West Palm Beach’s #1 board up service. We may be in for some rough weather this hurricane season, from Key West up to Jacksonville, and so we need to be prepared. For select businesses, we allow them to pre-register with us as a board up service in West Palm Beach. We’ll come out to your business, measure your windows and/or doors, and we’ll be ready to board you up should a hurricane threaten West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County.

Commercial & Residential Board Up Services

In addition to commercial board up services for West Palm Beach, we also offer residential board up services. If your home has confronted a glass window or sliding glass door problem, we can board you up. Call us today! We’re West Palm Beach’s #1 board up service – commercial and residential.

Board Up West Palm Beach

Glass doesn’t chose a convenient time to break: we understand that.

Need reliable installers ? Our Glass Repair company has expert glass window installers  who can help with the following services: Glass Replacement, Glass Repair, Sliding glass door repair, glass window repair.

Board Up Services: Before or After an Emergency

Every year hurricanes threaten the West Palm Beach region. Let this year be allotted less high pressure for you and the family. We can work with all of your glass door board up needs if a thunderstorm happens to come your way. Our glass board up expert services can make certain that you never have to worry about anything other than getting you and also your family to safety.

Board Up

Board Up Services for West Palm Beach, Florida

There are reasons besides hurricanes when you’ll need a board up service. These include:

  • Vandalism. Many stores will be subject to vandalism at some point. Don’t let the vandals win! Call us so that your business is up and running, immediately. Similarly, for home owners – show the vandals that you care about, and protect, your property. Our board up service can help.
  • Accidents. Accidents happen. Homeowners are especially vulnerable to the proverbial lawn mower hitting a rock, and breaking a sliding glass door. Those South Florida yards grow fast in West Palm, and the rocks easily become hidden. Either we’ll have it in stock (and fix it immediately), or if not, we can board you up.
  • Door Breakage. Many South Florida businesses have big glass doors or entryways with a lot of glass in them. If your doors get broken, again, we can either fix them immediately or board them up.

Not every glass company specializes in 24/7 emergency glass repair.  But we do.  So call or email us now for your emergency glass repair needs in West Palm Beach or other communities in Palm Beach county.

From The Gardens Mall in the North, to Lake Park, all along the I-95 corridor, and into the Cypress Lakes area – wherever you are, we’re there. In an emergency. On Saturday. On Sunday. On Monday night at 2:00 am. You get the picture: if it’s glass we fix it, and if it’s an emergency, we’re on it.

Fun Florida Factoid

Long a place where people of vision have brought their dreams, built new enterprises, and achieved success, the City of West Palm Beach is a regional center of commerce offering an environment where dreams can still come true.

Born among affluence, West Palm Beach has always been, and still is, a place where men and women roll up their sleeves and get things done, yet without the hustle, hassle and hardship found elsewhere in South Florida.

Its government, business community and citizenry unite to build a positive, progressive business environment that is supportive and cooperative, which combined with its outstanding lifestyle and easy workability, creates Florida’s best metropolitan location where professional and personal lives both flourish, and where dreams still come true.

West Palm Beach is the county seat of Palm Beach County. It is one of the three main cities in South Florida. Source: http://wpb.org/About/History-and-Facts

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