Board Up In West Palm Beach.

Board Up, Board Walk, Or Just Bored In West Palm Beach?

There are all sorts of “boards” in West Palm Beach. There are billboards, surf boards, the board walk, boards of directors (lots of those), stand-up paddle boards (although we think a more apt name would be fall-off paddle boards), bodyboards, and more. You might even just be bored!

However, we don’t do any of that. What we do provide is West Palm Beach board up services, and as you might imagine, we have been pretty busy with those over the last few week, boarding up homes and businesses all over the city. Let’s face it, when we have hurricanes approaching like Irma and Maria the only thing to do for many home and business owners is to board up their windows and doors and hope for the best. Of course, if you have hurricane glass fitted then you may not be so worried, but there are many properties in the city that have not got around to changing over to hurricane glass (also known as high impact glass) and were in need of our West Palm Beach board up services.

Not Just Hurricanes: Board Up for All Types of Reasons

But it’s not just hurricanes that cause the need for boarding up windows and doors. Much more likely to be the culprit is an employee accidentally damaging a window or glass door, the kids down the street practising their baseball skills, or just plain old-fashioned burglary. At West Palm Beach Glass Repair we carry very large stocks of glass of many different types because we will always try to repair your broken glass windows and doors as fast as humanly possible.

However, we cannot stock absolutely everything and there are occasions when we have not got in stock all the parts needed to effect a repair. Under those circumstances the answer is our West Palm Beach board up services in order to ensure that the home or business concerned is as secure as it can be while we obtain what is needed. That said, we do have special arrangements in place with our suppliers which mean that we can usually get what is needed in a matter of hours rather than the days – or sometimes even weeks – taken by other glass companies.

Even so, security is first and foremost. A broken window or glass door is like manna from heaven to any passing thief because he or she doesn’t have to break it because the job has already been done for him or her. Just walk or climb in and he or she can help himself.

So remember, whatever your needs when you have damaged windows or doors, we are your local trusted experts.