Being the Best Glass Repair Service in West Palm Beach

Well, we’re finally getting organized. That is, we’re finally starting our blog. We were sitting around the office, wondering what might be the best blog posts to start with and we realized that we might as well start with our philosophy on being the best glass repair service in West Palm Beach Florida. People often call us on the phone and ask how are we different from the other guys? Implicit in this question is are we the best glass service for them, and if so, what does it mean to be the best glass repair company. experience as a glass repair customer

Four Reasons Why We’re the Best Glass Repair Service in West Palm Beach

First, it means that we start with service. We want our customers to feel special, and to feel that their needs are addressed. We have both residential glass repair customers and commercial glass repair customers, and we recognize that those needs are different. We are good listeners! We will listen to what your need is, whether it’s the repair of a sliding glass door for your home, or whether you’re a business that has an emergency glass window need after a vandalism or employee accident.

Second, we are a local business. We are not some huge national chain that has invaded South Florida in the hopes of big profits. Rather we are a small local business with historic roots in West Palm Beach and neighboring communities. Therefore, by using us as your glass repair service, you are helping your local community to thrive.

Third, we do everything but automobile glass repairs. Automobile glass is its own special category, which is quite different from either home glass repair or residential or business class repair, and we do not do autos for that reason. On the contrary, there are glass repair services that attempt to do both automobile glass as well as home glass or business class repair. That’s a pretty difficult stretch, and one of the ways that we consider ourselves to be the best glass repair service in West Palm Beach is that we specialize in both residential and commercial glass repair.

Fourth, we provide free estimates. We will come into your home or business and give you an estimate as to whether your glass window or glass door should be repaired or replaced. In some situations, it is better to replace a glass window or glass door with the latest and greatest technology. In others, a quick and efficient repair can be much cheaper. It depends.

Give us a Call for Your Glass Repair Needs

In summary, these are four reasons why we consider ourselves to be the best class repair service in West Palm Beach. However, what really matters to you is your experience as a glass repair customer. Give us a call and let us show you just how good the best can be!

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