Ask a Board Up Company on Types of Boards in West Palm Beach

types of boardsThere are all sorts of boards in West Palm Beach. On our coast, surfing is very big and people use surf boards. They also use SUP’s – Stand Up Paddleboards, or as one of our technicians referred to them the other day FOP’s – Fall Off Paddleboards!

Then there are floorboards, boardwalks, blackboards, boardrooms, boards of directors, and of course, those of us who are just plain old bored.

However, at West Palm Beach Glass Repair we use another type of board: plywood. When you need board up West Palm Beach, that’s what we use in order to secure your premises until repairs can be carried out.

Commercial Premises and Board Up Services

More often than not, it is commercial premises that need board up West Palm Beach. In many cases this is because of the size and nature of the glass windows or doors involved. With smaller residential-sized windows our technicians can usually carry out a repair on the spot with glass and the tools that they carry with them on their trucks at all times.

However, commercial premises often have much larger windows. If you own a restaurant, a delicatessen, a pizza parlor, a clothes shop, an electrical store, or even a car showroom, your windows are usually going to be of a far larger size than those of the average home. Large though they are, our trucks haven’t got room for a piece of glass to fit a car showroom, so our technicians can’t fix that on the spot.

However, when you suffer damage to windows of that size you still need your premises secure until full repairs can be carried out, and the answer is board up West Palm Beach. We can cover the whole of the damaged window or door area with plywood in order to keep your business secure until we can replace all the glass.

It Depends On The Damage: Repair, Replace, or Board It Up

How quickly we can achieve that depends on the extent of the damage. If a large truck has run off the road and demolished your storefront it may well be that brickwork has to be rebuilt before new windows can be fitted. That work might take two or three days. In addition, although we carry a vast stock of all types of glass at out depots, there may be the odd occasion when we have to order it in from our suppliers.

So the answer is to board up your premises in order to keep them secure until we can complete the work. No, it’s not nice to have your business covered in plywood, but better that than leaving it open to any passing vandal or thief.

Trust us, we only board up as a last resort, but it has to be said that on occasion there is no alternative.

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